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A Think Tank.

An Alternative Workplace.

A community of Engineers, Researchers, Technicians, and Tinkers of all kinds.

A way to give ideas the opportunity to take on shape and form, and become a reality.

AQUAPONICS!!! This stuff is incredible.CLICK HERE

  • Research Facility Project — IDEA BOARD CLICK HERE
  • The assumption of a 10kW per hour energy requirement is a constant. We feel that's a good excessive value to work with for now.

Check out the Portable Farms website link above. The production rates per square foot are just astounding.

The Robot Project is fastly becoming a success. In the past few weeks there have been leaps and bounds in GPS Automation here. Alot has been done.

We also have enough information and materials to start growing Algae samples in small bioreactors (which just have to be put together). After we find the sweet spot of temperature and lighting conditions we should be able to build the insulated tank in back.

Funding has become a small issue. We've been spending money out of pocket on everything so far. We now have the ability to start generating money collectively for projects and have several ideas on how to do so.

NEXT MEETING: We have to vote on what funding routes to pursue. There are quite a few. Once we pick a few they will be researched as to actual viability. Once we do that we should end up with just a couple options for now, but we'll have many other options well documented and on file for the future.

Have you ever thought of:

  • a procedure that would enhance some part of your life or current job?
  • a product you know would sell?
  • a service other people might need or want?
  • anything? (Trick question. Of course you have or you probably wouldn't be here.)

The fact remains, most of your ideas will never bear fruit, though they are certainly not worthless.

The Brain Tank will serve as an outlet and a resource, not only to help people develop their ideas with the help of tools and other developers online, but also to pair their designs with the appropriate buyers.

So, think your ideas are valuable? Here is your opportunity to prove it. Let's build this thing.

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