This is a list of potentials. Just think of them as Lego pieces. The end result will be a combination of these and others.

Please add some of your own ideas

  • Build a web-based network for people to network and share those ideas. With every possible software tool they could ever need to design these things (whiteboards, document sharing, advanced chatrooms w/voice+video, etc?…)
  • With a directory of resources and the best prices on hardware and equipment. (who knows, maybe with time we could absorb the cost on some things)
  • The ability to find the right kind of people for the right place in each project. (you need more technically/engineering skilled people to help you with your widget? Just search and ask them)
  • An organization that can patent and market everything produced by the members of the Think Tank. (if your idea sells you might pay for your own member fee, or become a millionaire, who knows!?) (perhaps a share based system so as to allow the trading of shares?)
  • A stockpile of projects with the suggestion of profitable problems that might need solving. (Go ahead, "better mousetrap" that widget! Impress someone!)
  • Develop tutorials to bring your fellow "Brain Tankers" up to snuff.

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