Recycled Plastic Lumber

Not really a new idea. However making it @Home may be.

Well I started here Melting Bottle Plastic. Which then gave me a general idea of what plastics we might be working with and what the melting temps were.

I then explored a bit more and eventually found some info: File on RPL Industry costs etc...

Also: General Guide of All Things RPL

From here it's really only a question of using the same techniques they do for installing a pool liner to injection mold a beam out of a homogenous mixture. Then maybe glossing will take place… Depends on preference and whether or not we use fiberglass.

*Most likely we will use about 20% wood fiber/cotton in the form of shredded jeans and cardboard.

*After that I have the form and pump ready to go.

*Need to buy some CO2.

*Also found a good price on silicon sheeting with rating up to 500+ degrees Fahrenheit.

*Need a heat source. we're going for around 300 degrees here! Accurately!

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