Ok so wind power is another big thing we're all looking into.

Did some estimation work with 10kwh in mind. Pre-made solutions are as follows:

* 1 X Wind Turbine = $600 X 40 Units = $24,000 to get an average 10kwh @ 1kw per $2,400

Which aint bad considering the cheapest Solar setup I can find is: 1kw per $4,000

The other drawback being you can only generate energy during the day. So you need to store as much as possible. Wind might require less storage.

Though I would like to have a large backup capacity ready for those midnight 40kwh energy usages. (you never know with innovative people)

As Far as making our own. It is very possible:
ebay: 450 Watt DC motor

ebay: 640watt DC Motor


Should be pretty easy to fabricate props and a standoff.

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